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Tap into the wisdom and tradition written in Urdu and preserve the language.


To create a mobile app and an online portal where people can listen to Urdu Audiobooks for free.


The ease of recording and retrieving high quality audio has made audiobooks an attractive new method of learning. Audiobooks in English is already a big industry. Long commutes provide a perfect opportunity to listen to audiobooks on handheld mobile devices. 

There is a large cohort of Urdu speaking people around the world who lack the necessary reading skills to benefit from the ocean of knowledge, wisdom and tradition preserved in the Urdu literature. Through this project we hope to make Urdu non-fiction and fiction easily accessible in the form of audiobooks for adults and children. 

Get involved

Become a part of the admin / technical team. Basic IT and media skills will come handy.

Become a narrator if you enjoy reading Urdu books. Send in a 5 minutes sample recording of your reading from a book of your liking to You can use a simple PC or mobile phone voice recording app. Our team of experts will feedback.

Suggest a book. See under book suggestions guidelines.

Donate. Dil ki Awaz Urdu Audiobooks is a not for profit project sponsored by Urdu loving individuals and charitable organisations. Many of our team members have joined on a voluntary basis. However we would like to pay the narrators a small token of appreciation for their talent and effort. The pay rate would depend on the individual narrators. Since the project is charitably funded we would like to support those narrators with low salaries at their primary workplaces. Our second expenditure is for building, maintaining and enhancing our mobile App. We look forward to any support we can receive from our well-wishers, subscribers and lovers of Urdu. complete this form for becoming a part of the project

Our Team

Project Lead: Dr Arafat Mirza

Advisory Group

  • Shortlist works to be recorded in audio within each of the genres
  • General advice and direction
  • Promote this project


  • Give audition
  • Record part or a section of a book
  • Proof read


  • Allocate narrators to appropriate Urdu works


  • Urdu Lovers (YOU!)


  • Mobile App development
  • Media edition

Book suggestions

Any well known and well accepted work written or translated into Urdu may be suggested.

The work may belong to any genre – typically short stories, society, religion, children, adventure, politics, humour, History, biography, novel, fiction, philosophy etc… These categories are not exhaustive.

No book that has obscene or vulgar references shall be included however acclaimed work it may be.

Any one from the project team, app users or general public can suggest a book. The project management team will prioritise the suggestions depending on the user demand and availability of narrators pool. 

Guidance for the Narrators