Welcome to all those living in the UK with Hyderabadi (India) roots.

The objective is to improve the socioeconomic condition of our people back home and in the UK with a focus on education and career guidance. The group provides an excellent support network for all the members and their families.

Communication is on WhatsApp. There is strictly ‘No Forwards’ policy; so no one is burdened with unsolicited posts and the relevant information is not drowned.

General body meetings (online) are run in a professional manner to maximise effectiveness.

Your commitment would be to attend the monthly meetings (approx. 1 hour long), share ideas and resources towards achieving the objectives and to guide/advise/help others in your specialty or outside.

What do you gain? An immense satisfaction for being able to return the favour that you or your parents once received from the community back home.

Please complete the form. Our team will add you to our WhatsApp group.